With Dr. Ken E. Leistner


What this Site is About

If you have never heard of or read anything by Dr. Ken Leistner you are probably new to the iron game. His articles have appeared in every worthwhile weight lifting periodical and journal. When you first discover Dr. Ken it is somewhat of a revelation. Thousands of lifters got their first common sense advice from him.

After a number of conversations and training sessions with Kim Wood, Ken met Arthur Jones, was trained by him, and worked for Mr. Jones both in Florida and New York in a number of capacities. Perhaps because of those roots he developed into an opinionated, outspoken HITer. Superlatives are hard to avoid when describing who he is and what he has contributed to the iron sport. But lifting is only one aspect of the man. He is as much a devoted family man and professional as he is a lifter.

This library of articles, video clips, and photos is a tribute to Dr. Ken and what he has given to the Iron Game.  You could also say that without Dr. Ken's influence the Cyberpump.com network would not be in existence today.  And, that's a fact.  He's been the biggest influence in my lifting and it's my hope that this library will help countless others now and well into the future!


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